Fagun discovered her natural talent for directing when she was asked to direct short scenes on stage as a favour for friends. Fagun then went on to direct full-length plays for the stage. A number of the actors Fagun directed remarked on her instinctive ability to effectively communicate directions to the actors to draw out better performances.

As a trained actor, Fagun is particularly effective at interpreting and offering solutions to overcome challenges to those she directs, making her uniquely well-placed to offer insight into how they can achieve a stronger performance.

The combination of Fagun’s directing talent and passion for directing inspired her to learn more and explore directing further. Fagun went on to pursue directing at a world-renowned film school where she refined her craft.

Having begun her directing career in theatre, Fagun has since progressed to take on cinematic projects, many of which are focused on the purpose-driven content at the heart of Fagun’s creative vision. Several of the short films directed by Fagun have been selected for feature in film festivals.

Fagun is currently directing feature films on positive social change and working on creating a series of movies influenced by mythological content, as well as directing a first-of-its-kind documentary film on the intersection between meditation and neuroscience.