Fagun’s journey in non-profit endeavors embodies her profound commitment to making a meaningful difference. Her work, deeply rooted in compassion and empowerment, extends across local and international landscapes, focusing on uplifting children, girls, women, and health initiatives. Collaborating with organizations such as The United Nations and Amnesty International, Fagun has left an indelible mark in these vital areas.

Recognized as a global champion and an influential advocate for health and well-being, reflecting her versatile and impactful approach. Fagun is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher. She has worked with a diverse array of groups from children with limited access to resources to world leaders and national presidents. 

Drawing from her rich experiences in various non-profit organizations and her personal journey of overcoming challenges and achieving breakthroughs, Fagun launched The Creatively Inspired Life Foundation, see below for more details. This initiative is one of her commitment to fostering positive change.


Fagun is the Global Ambassador for the International Forum on Women’s Brain and Health in Zurich, Switzerland. The ​International Forum on Women’s Brain and Health’s mission is to bring precision to medical research, towards sustainability in healthcare.

Fagun’s role transcends conventional boundaries, marking a significant stride in revolutionizing medical research with a profound commitment to sustainability in healthcare. Her role is driven by a deep-seated passion for bridging the gap between science and society, particularly in enhancing brain health.

Integrating her extensive expertise in Medical Sciences and Neuroscience with her achievements in the Creative Industry, Fagun is interlinking these diverse sectors. Her unique background empowers her to demystify complex scientific concepts, making them accessible to a wider audience and thus magnifying the forum’s global impact.

Key Achievements and Collaborative Efforts

  • The International Forum on Women’s Brain and Health aims to forge a dynamic nexus of leading experts and representatives from varied scientific and professional fields. This collaborative ethos is vital for advancing the understanding and treatment of mental and brain health.
  • Fagun’s leadership has been instrumental in broadening the forum’s international influence, facilitating exchanges that spawn innovative solutions.
  • Under her guidance, the forum has seen notable expansions, including the organization of annual meetings beyond Zurich, fostering global dialogue and cooperation.

Vision and Impact

Looking ahead, the International Forum on Women’s Brain and Health envisions a future where breakthroughs in brain health are not only achieved but are also widely accessible and understood. The goal is to build a global platform that addresses brain diseases and also empowers those affected by them.

In addition to the annual Zurich conference, the WBP Forum  is a beacon of knowledge and hope. These gatherings transcend the typical bounds of scientific conferences, aiming to elevate social awareness and provide a supportive community for those impacted by brain diseases. The forum’s commitment to bringing world-class scientists and practitioners together has made it a cornerstone for research and a source of inspiration for individuals passionate about improving brain health.


The Creatively Inspired Life, a global non-profit founded by Fagun. The Foundation is dedicated to empowering young people across the globe to overcome barriers in their educational, professional and personal lives through the transformative power of creativity.

Please see the official website The Creatively Inspired Life Foundation for more details.