Fagun has been invited to speak at a wide range of high-profile events and sit on a number of distinguished panels, where she has spoken on a wide range of topics covering her passions, career and area of expertise. Fagun has also been Master of Ceremonies on a multitude of large-scale events.

Fagun has spoken on: Health, Wellbeing, Holistic Medicine, Neuroscience, Ayurvedic, Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Philosophy, Empowerment, Nonprofit, Fashion, Movie Directing, Acting, Purpose-driven Films, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business.


Fagun is the Global Ambassador for the International Forum on Women’s Brain and Health in Zurich, Switzerland. The ​International Forum on Women’s Brain and Health’s mission is to bring precision to medical research, towards sustainability in healthcare.


Non-profit work has always been a big part of Fagun’s life. She has actively been involved in local level and global non-profit work with her particular focus being in the areas of children, girls, women, empowerment and health. She has worked with organisations such as The United Nations and Amnesty International.

Fagun has established herself as a global champion and leading advocate of health and wellbeing, Fagun is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher. She has worked with a diverse array of groups from children with limited access to resources to world leaders and national presidents

Building on Fagun’s valuable experience working with a variety of non-profit organisations and on her personal experience of overcoming barriers and of experiencing breakthrough, Fagun recently founded The Creatively Inspired Life Foundation.


Fagun founded the global non-profit organisation, The Creatively Inspired Life. The Foundation is dedicated to empowering young people across the globe to overcome barriers in their educational, professional and personal lives through the transformative power of creativity.

Please see the official website The Creatively Inspired Life Foundation for more details.